Libra and Cancer compatibility: love, friendship and much more

June 1, 2023 0 Comments

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which will harmonize beautifully with the ever-changing moods of Cancer, ruled by the moon. This makes them feel emotionally protected, which they desperately need – Venus prefers to attract, while the Moon is happy to mirror.

Cancer will intuitively sense that Libra is needed, and Libra will find Cancer’s rising and falling vibrations attractive. Both of these two planets connect to feminine energy, which makes the communication of this couple filled with tenderness, feelings, intuition and romance.

Although there is much beauty to be shared between the two, there will be problems with their shared cardinal modality, which places them in square aspect.

In my book, Sun Signs in Love, I explain that a square aspect occurs when you are three signs away from your significant other, which creates a challenging, competitive, and energetic atmosphere. The feeling of this relationship usually causes one or both partners to demand more from the other, and both need to be very conscientious about not taking out their negativity on each other and creating friction. Much can be learned from this aspect, but it must be done in a constructive and supportive manner.

Although square pairs face a complex aspect, they also share the same thing, which is their modality. Modality, by definition, means “the particular way in which something exists, is experienced, or is expressed.” In the case of Cancer and Libra, they both express themselves in the cardinal modality.

Cardinal signs are the born leaders of the zodiac. They are both independent and tend to exude a lot of energy, being assertive and influential. This can make them both want to take charge, but the way they do it is gentle, which can make it more of a benefit than a hindrance.

The most difficult thing in the combination of this pair is their element. Libra is a free-spirited air sign, and Cancer is a deeply focused water sign. The air stirs, turns and can cause ripples in the water, but then quickly dissipates, leaving the water out of control. When water enters the air, it creates moisture and ignites the process of rain formation that is essential for life and regeneration, over which the air has no control.

There’s no choice or control over these things happening in either element, so it’s best if water and air signs appreciate each other’s differences and individual energies. It comes down to the fact that there will need to be a lot of understanding and appreciation of each other’s differences, otherwise the lack of ability to completely blend in will be a caveat to this wonderful love story.

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