LaVette Review: Should You Try This Dating App?

April 14, 2023 0 Comments

Real, honest profiles

Compared to other apps, profiles on LaVette look authentic and natural. It was nice to have something that focused more on the real person rather than their photos. The interaction leans more towards mental and serious dating. Personally, I think swiping is fun, but the LaVette format helps you get to know the real person, adding more depth to the dating experience.

No halo… as if

The app aims to eliminate halos by giving users a way to tell their match where they are after each video date. It’s done with the push of a button instead of overthinking what to say or wondering how someone feels about you. I think it’s a great tool to take the guesswork out of it, but I’ve run into some glitches in the messaging system that have caused me to inadvertently miss messages – which of course could be interpreted as a phantom image.

Events are great when they happen, but not often enough

When I first learned about LaVette, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčevents really blew my mind. I was excited about a different way to interact with other singles than just through one-on-one matches. That said, I wish things happened more often. Unfortunately, the event I was planning to attend was canceled at the last minute. This may be due to the fact that the app is new, and hopefully there will be more developments in the future as the user base continues to expand. I would like to see events every week.

The app’s features and functions are a bit clunky

Unfortunately, the program itself may require additional work. For example, I couldn’t coordinate a message with the person I was talking to simply because the messaging system wasn’t working properly. I also had problems setting up my profile. The app is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, which will likely disappoint some people. Pesky technical issues can certainly turn people away from the app, so hopefully these will be resolved as the platform evolves.

Spending a lot of time can be unpleasant

Some people may enjoy the extra work required to set up their own profile, as it adds a level of thought and intent. However, others may find this a deterrent as shooting multiple videos takes a lot longer than just uploading multiple images. Viewing profiles also takes time, which gives me mixed feelings. Again, while some people may like that this process weeds out the less serious daters, I found myself not checking the app as often as others because I knew scrolling would be longer.

The application is not available everywhere

One obvious downside is that this app is only available to people in the United States, which (of course) takes it off the table for those looking to date in another country.

Not enough users to interact

Since the app is still new, there aren’t many users to interact with. In its current state, the platform has only about 500 users. Keep in mind that this applies to the entire United States, so the number of users in certain areas will be even lower.

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