Latte Makeup Tutorial: 11 Complete Steps from a Makeup Artist

July 21, 2023 0 Comments

Like most beauty trends, it originated on TikTok: author Rachel Rigler coined the term after being inspired by makeup artist Taniel Jai’s masterpiece in 2018. “It’s warm and bronze and milky and light,” Rigler declares in the now-viral video.

If this sounds similar to the aforementioned “golden hour” of makeup from seasons past, well, that’s because it’s pretty much the same thing—it’s basically warm face tones with a quirky name. “I feel what I did [latte makeup] for a long time, because these are my favorite shades,” Seropyan adds. TikTok definitely didn’t invent the wheel here.

But what sets the latte makeup apart is the color palette: here you’ll only see browns, taupes, beiges, and golds. Instead of applying a peachy blush, you’ll stick to the copper color family. It creates a perfect, natural lift to your cheekbones without looking like you’re wearing too much makeup. Just look below!

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