Keep seeing angel number 1919? Here’s what it really means

May 31, 2023 0 Comments

Although the ancient system of numerology and our modern angel numbers are not inherently related, traditionally speaking, there are some parallels worth noting.

For example, Richardson tells mindbodygreen, “The number 1 is the beginning of a new cycle,” adding, “It can represent someone or something being the first to try or accomplish a feat, such as someone being a pioneer in their professional field, their family, or their culture.” .

This number also initiates change and represents independence, says Richardson. And as mindbodygreen medium Megan Michaela Fierster (aka Mystical Michaela) previously explained, the number 1 can relate to the ability to create. “I call it the ‘Architect’ number,” she says, noting that the number means the universe is working with you.

At the same time, according to astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon Jordan Marie, the number 9 reflects the cyclical nature of numerology. “Nine in numerology represents both endings and beginnings—the end of one cycle opening the next, and the catharsis that comes with letting go,” Marie previously told mindbodygreen.

She notes that the number nine reminds us that when we let go, we create space for something new, “and through surrender we receive a higher and truer expression of ourselves.”

All that said, here’s what happens when 1 and 9 appear together.

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