It helps me focus and get work done in noisy coffee shops

April 22, 2023 0 Comments

For example: Last semester I worked on a seven-page paper during my finals. When I’m writing, it’s usually very hard for me to focus when people are talking around me. But I did this work and felt very good.

After a few hours, I looked around and realized that there were people around me. That’s how effective focus+ is at helping me tune in to the stimuli around me—I didn’t even notice people were there because I was in my work zone.

L-theanine helps reduce my susceptibility to distractions1and instant and slow release caffeine helps increasing mental alertness and attention2.* Translation? With Focus+, I can ignore everything going on around me and be as productive as possible.*

I have noticed that it is much easier to be present and focused during my classes and lectures, especially at the beginning. When I take Focus+ before 9am, I feel more energized and engaged.*

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