How UV rays harm your skin + how to support collagen

April 23, 2023 0 Comments

Before we get into the tip, let’s clarify what exactly UV rays do to your skin. In short, UV radiation has the ability to penetrate the epidermis, where it damages the skin cells, proteins, and elastic fibers that keep the skin supple.

As you probably already know from tanning, it causes the production of melanin. While this can be great aesthetically for a short-lived summer glow, it can also lead to dark spots or “sun spots” in those who are already prone to them.

Finally, it has the ability to affect the DNA of skin cells. All this leads to what we call photoaging. “Photoaging of the skin is the result of oxidative stress from UV radiation,” board-certified dermatologist Kautilya Shauriya, MD, previously told mbg.

Here’s the kicker: The collagen in your skin can also be damaged by UV rays, and it’s the collagen that keeps it looking firm and plump. So, even if you don’t have dark spots (lucky you), your skin is still firm and supple.

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