How to work with April’s full pink moon, from astrologers

April 5, 2023 0 Comments

This year’s April full moon is in the sign of Libra and peaks just after midnight EST on April 6. And according to astrology expert Imani Quinn, Libras put a lot of emphasis on their relationships, so we can all expect themes around partnership to emerge under these moonbeams. .

However, we are still in the season of Aries, the opposite of Libra. “So Aries, being the sign of self, allows us to be self-reflective, and with the full moon in Libra, it makes us self-reflect on our relationships,” Quinn explains, adding, “It’s going to be an extraordinary topic. during this full moon.”

Speaking of Libra, it’s also a harmony-oriented sign, which Quinn points out will encourage us to seek harmony and balance in our healing journeys. “Let the difficult things come up so that things can balance out naturally. Things will find their own natural balance, so instead of trying to control it, let it flow through you,” she notes.

In addition to the moon placement, we also have Chiron (the wounded healer) and Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) conjunct the sun in Aries, which Quinn says will put our healing front and center, especially in relation to our relationships. We can feel the impulsiveness and aggressiveness of Aries when triggers arise, so it will be important to be mindful of our emotional reactions and triggers, and take time to think about where these wounds are coming from.

“This allows you to move away from reactions to the trauma, so in general, use this as a time to clear any limiting beliefs, situations, or people in your life that no longer align with you and your intentions for where you want to go ,” Quinn tells mindbodygreen.

Fortunately, some of this fiery Aries energy is tempered nicely by Venus, the planet of love, who has settled into the sign of Taurus, where she feels right at home. Relationships may feel tested during this Moon, but Venus in Taurus helps us stay grounded in what we really need from our partners so we can reflect with honesty and compassion on ourselves (and significant others).

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