How to wake up early: 9 ways to train your circadian rhythm

June 12, 2023 0 Comments

There are a number of reasons why you find it difficult to wake up early. Breus told mindbodygreen that you are probably working against your circadian rhythm and chronotype if you are tired in the morning.

“For example,” he says, “a night owl who sets her alarm for 6 a.m. may find that her biology is working against her because her melatonin (the sleep hormone) doesn’t wear off and won’t kick in until 7 or 8 a.m., Breus. explains

And if you’re a notorious snoozer, this will definitely affect your ability to wake up. When you hit snooze, Vora previously told mbg, “No one wins. You don’t get a great night’s rest, and you don’t have a leisurely, relaxed morning.”

Other problems can include, Breus says, excessive caffeine or alcohol, stress, inconsistent routines, or even a sleep disorder. “Stick to your sleep schedule and sleep deprivation will help tremendously,” he says.

After you have considered all the tips in this article, if you still struggle with sleep and/or wake up when you want, that’s when you should talk to your doctor about sleep disorders and possible treatments.

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