How to practice yoga with the Moon

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Just as the Sun moves through the zodiac, the Moon also moves through these twelve signs. Whenever the Moon enters another astrological sign, it takes on the energy of that sign. This happens every two and a half days, changing the vibration that the Moon brings to our experience of life.

The moon affects our subtle bodies. We feel the moon. We feel it in our emotions, our intuition and those areas of life that are strongly influenced by the dominant sign.

Scorpio, for example, brings us the quality of transformation. When the Moon is in Scorpio, we want to change our emotions. Perhaps we are more aware of subtle emotional changes. We tend to seek peace, regulation of the nervous system and inner harmony, rather than obvious external changes in life.

As the Moon moves through the zodiac, we also experience the significance of the astrological signs of new moons and full moons. When we agree with the theme of this sign, we give ourselves direction and inspiration about what is available to us. For example, Taurus is a sign of wealth and self-esteem. When the New Moon lands here, we have the opportunity to cultivate intentions related to wealth and self-esteem.

The more we align with the Moon’s astrological energy, the better we can understand our emotional state, learn to calm down, and access our intuition. One way to practice this is through moon cycle yoga.

What is moon cycle yoga?

Lunar cycle yoga is a divine dance with the cosmos. It goes beyond the typical yoga practice or weekly horoscope and combines the two spiritual and energetic practices of yoga and astrology.

Moon Cycle Yoga helps you align yourself with the lunar vibrations through intentional yoga flows that focus on themes related to the sign the Moon influences. If the Moon is in the earth sign of Virgo, you want to turn to the flow of yoga, which is designed to ground your energy. Virgo also rules perfectionism and self-perception, so a themed yoga practice will allow you to access and balance these aspects of your emotional body.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or are new to it, you can turn to Moon Cycle Yoga to help you align yourself with the flow of the universe.

How to align your yoga practice with the moon

You can connect with yourself through yoga to align your body and mind with the higher frequencies of the Moon and astrological signs. Let’s start with the first sign of the zodiac.

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When Aries energy is balanced, you feel inspired, ready to move forward with focus and motivated to overcome obstacles. Your head feels clear and decisive. Your vision is focused on the future and you have the energy to follow your path.

If Aries is out of balance, it can contribute to headaches, eye strain, and exhaustion. You will feel confused or unable to calm your nervous system.

To balance Aries energy, move it and give it direction to release blockages and stagnation. The purpose of Aries yoga flow is to invigorate your body and circulate your energy.


When the Taurus energy is balanced, you feel connected to your body and all your senses. You are rooted in your self-worth and feel connected to your inner resilience. You feel strong and ready to express your creativity without hesitation.

If the Taurus energy is out of balance, you may have trouble speaking the truth or expressing your creativity. You may doubt yourself or your worth.

To balance Taurus energy, connect deeply with your body and creative energy. Feel the core of your energy to balance your emotions and remind you of your power. The goal of the Taurus yoga flow is to ground yourself, find peace, and connect with your senses.


When the Gemini energy is balanced, you feel calm, content and ready to express your ideas. You can easily rethink situations and have an understanding of perspectives outside of yourself.

If the Gemini energy is out of balance, you may feel restless, impatient, and anxious.

To balance the Gemini energy, slow down, get out of your head, and quiet your mind so you can listen and communicate clearly. The goal of Gemini yoga flow is to calm your nervous system.


When the Cancer energy is balanced, you know how to receive nourishment from yourself and others. You ask for help when needed and can easily receive inner guidance from your intuition.

If the Cancer energy is out of balance, you will feel overly emotional, insecure and out of touch with your intuitive self.

To balance Cancer’s energy, slow down to recharge and recharge your batteries so you can tap into your intuition, wisdom, and vulnerability. The purpose of the Cancer Yoga flow is to restore and renew your energy body.


When the Leo energy is balanced, you feel confident and express yourself easily. You rule your heart and are not afraid to be vulnerable with your feelings.

When Leo energy is out of balance, you will feel overly dependent on others for love and validation.

To balance the Leo energy, warm your body and practice opening your heart, feeling the support in your spine. You will feel vulnerable, strong, accepting and loving. The goal of the Leo yoga flow is to feel confident and open your heart.


When Virgo energy is balanced, you feel connected to your body, able to digest information and accept your flaws. You are in touch with your intuitive nature and use it to teach others.

When the Virgo energy is out of balance, you will feel nervous, insecure and unworthy of your gifts.

To balance the Virgo energy, remove the stagnation and ground your body by connecting with it. You will feel powerful, intuitive and in charge of your life. The intention of the flow of Virgo yoga is to connect with your body.


When Libra’s energy is balanced, you easily return to inner peace when life becomes chaotic. You have a healthy set of practices that calm your spirit and focus your energy.

When Libra’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel broken, indecisive, and unsure of your next steps.

To balance Libra energy, center your mind and body by balancing both sides of your body. You will feel harmony with life and will be able to make clear, conscious decisions. The purpose of yoga scales is to find balance and re-center.


When Scorpio energy is balanced, you feel connected to your intuitive power. You fearlessly tap into your subconscious, knowing that you have the power to change some aspect of yourself.

When Scorpio’s energy is out of balance, you will feel stagnant and unable to create.

To balance Scorpio energy, quiet your thoughts and feel your creative intuition flow through you. Allow yourself to explore the depths and your shadows with acceptance. The purpose of Scorpio yoga flow is to invite fluidity and creativity.


When Sagittarius energy is in balance, you feel ready to move forward into the unknown. You believe that the best will happen and you know that you always rely on yourself.

When Sagittarius energy is out of balance, you’ll feel like you can’t grow or expand your mind.

To balance the Sagittarius energy, practice a quick flow that takes away fear and brings you to trust. You will feel expansive, ready to learn and open to new experiences. The purpose of the Sagittarius Yoga Flow is to build trust and inspire you to take leaps of faith


When Capricorn’s energy is balanced, you feel determined, ready to overcome obstacles and committed to the cause. Your “yes” sounds like a resounding yes, and you say “no” without guilt.

When Capricorn energy is out of balance, you will feel confused and unclear about the direction of your life.

To balance Capricorn energy, feel your stable center and strength. You will feel clear and ready to move forward with confidence. The intention of Capricorn yoga flow is to ground and stabilize.


When the Aquarius energy is balanced, you feel at peace. You express your vision to others without needing approval. You lead others by providing your unique perspective.

When your Aquarian energy is out of balance, you will feel nervous and full of excess energy.

To balance the Aquarian energy, move your energy throughout your body. You will feel calm, clear and ready to move in the right direction. The goal of Aquarius yoga flow is to spread energy throughout the body


When the energy of Pisces is in balance, you feel connected to your intuition and the entire universe. You trust the process of your life and allow it to flow with power.

When the Pisces energy is out of balance, you will feel drained of energy or like you want to run away from life.

To balance the Piscean energy, add a Yin practice. You will feel receptive and attuned to your universal rhythm. The intention of the Pisces flow is to restore your energy.

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The goal of the yoga course is to connect with yourself and synchronize with the Moon. The course begins on June 11 with the Moon in Aries. Join here.

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Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the universe. She also writes workbooks for each full moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.

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