How to measure blood pressure at home from a doctor

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

“Even if you’re not [nervous], rarely is the protocol correctly used to measure blood pressure,” Attia continues. Now, this is not the fault of your doctor, who is probably doing the best he can with the time and the situation.

That said, you’re probably not in the best shape for an accurate reading. First, your hand must be exactly at the level of the heart: “It cannot be higher than it; it can’t be any lower,” notes Attia. Your legs should also remain uncrossed, a detail that some practitioners may forget during their rounds.

What’s more, a pre-measurement of a rest period is necessary: ​​”You need to rest for five minutes before you check your blood pressure,” Attia says. This means no talking, no movement, and a clear mind (read: no nervous thoughts).

In Attia’s practice, the most successful were the readings that the patients did at home. So he recommends measuring your blood pressure with a home device if possible and keeping a log.

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