How to look for more glimpses (instead of triggers) in your life

June 24, 2023 0 Comments

We spend so much time analyzing and obsessing over the bad things in our lives and our past that it can cause our brains to notice too much negativity. Or, of course, that our nervous system is constantly restarting. So it makes perfect sense to use our psychic energy to instead seek out the good things that nourish and heal us—and that’s what brilliance is all about.

The term “flickering” was first coined by social worker Deb Dana in her book: Polyvagal theory in therapy: involvement of rhythm regulation. These are the micro-moments that make us feel happier, more hopeful, safe and connected. And the best part is that we can easily access them by searching for them.

Flicker-seeking is a particularly rewarding practice in the neurodiverse community, and occupational therapist Beck Secombs describes it as a “satisfying sensory pleasure that fills someone with a burning ecstasy.”

Populations such as the highly sensitive and neurodiverse have a threat response learning system that is more sensitive and attuned to threats, but this same nervous system also rapidly adapts to cues and environments that are safe and favorable. In other words, flicker sensors are like metal detectors on steroids — they’re active and always ready to enjoy the beauty of life.

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