How to help your kids eat healthy (without being an almond mom)

April 12, 2023 0 Comments

In my nearly 16 years of parenting, I’ve tried to help my children develop a healthy relationship with food—without a hint of doubt, fear, or shame. I did this because I know that the experiences we have with food as children stay with us for a long time.

“Unfortunately, eating a lot during childhood can negatively affect their relationship with food, and this continues into adulthood,” says nutritionist and therapist Aleta Storch, MS, RDN, LMHC, Wise Heart Nutrition and Wellness. “That’s why so many adults struggle with food and eating — we lose the ability to listen to our bodies, and it’s hard to unlearn what’s deeply ingrained in us to redevelop that skill.”

So what can well-intentioned parents do to instill healthy habits in their children without creating a culture of emotional eating? Try these six tips to adjust your nutritional levels.

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