How skin care can be a tool for self-compassion

May 9, 2023 0 Comments

Miller shares a similar frustration that the industry can often stress out beauty rituals—the last thing you want to do when you’re going through stressful times. Miller, who reveals in the episode that she lost both of her parents very quickly during the pandemic, said the grief has forced her to reevaluate the way she takes care of herself.

“How you view your beauty rituals should depend entirely on what you need. For some, it’s reading a book with a cup of tea while spending time with a face mask. For others, it’s just closing your eyes, relaxing and taking a few simple steps,” she says. “Because when times are tough, you’re going to have to relearn just how to take care of yourself.”

Sometimes the question of why we take care of our skin is much more important than how we do it. In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about using beauty in tough times and more. Tune in here.

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