How sandwich exfoliation is not enough of a step for smooth skin

July 14, 2023 0 Comments

As a beauty director, I believe that exfoliation is an important part of any beauty treatment, if you do it right. And because exfoliation is such a sensual pleasure, I often find people can’t help but overdo it. I’d put myself in this camp: when I find a new polishing scrub I like, I have to refrain from rubbing it in. (For what it’s worth: I have very sensitive skin and can’t stand excessive exfoliation.) And when exfoliation becomes too frequent, it can actually make skin rougher than it was before.

Excessive exfoliation destroys the skin barrier, which is responsible for maintaining moisture, elasticity and health of the skin. When it’s compromised, people typically experience irritation, unevenness, and even signs of premature aging like fine lines.

That was quite a preamble, but it brings me to what I want to share here. If you find that your exfoliation routine isn’t working (ie you’re seeing rough patches, dry skin, fine lines, and uneven texture), it could be a sign that you’re not exfoliating properly.

Here’s a tip that can make all the difference.

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