How not to fall into “roommate syndrome” with your partner

July 20, 2023 0 Comments

One of the main symptoms of roommate syndrome is a decrease in passion, so Suwinyattichaiporn strongly encourages constant exploration of sex, trying new things in the bedroom, and being open about your sex life.

“It’s easy for couples who start living together to fall off the hook and start having ‘normal sex’ and it gets boring,” explains Suvinjattichaiporn. “And exploration doesn’t just have to be about different positions—trying different positions can be fun, and I encourage that, but I think it’s more about opening your mind to completely different sexual acts,” she adds.

You may also find sex meditation a powerful tool to help both of you discover your sensuality. “Sexual meditation is like regular meditation, except it focuses on sexual thoughts, feelings, and sensations,” says Suvinyattichaiporn, noting that it can help you feel present, active, and grateful for your partner all at the same time.

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