How cilantro stimulates collagen production + quick and easy recipe

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

Amazing skin-loving ingredient: cilantro (no, not parsley). Yes, you read that right: studies show that cilantro can help slow down aging exposure to sunlight1 in mice in addition to boosting—you guessed it! – collagen. Pretty cool, right?

Of course, you can always just add a scoop of collagen powder to your smoothie for firming and bulking. But why not double the benefits with cilantro?

That being said, this herb isn’t the first ingredient you might reach for when whipping up a delicious smoothie. However, if you do it right, the flavor will actually enhance your mix rather than dominate it. In my experience, the best way to add cilantro is with a tropical base. Next is my main recipe:

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