HigherDose Red Light Neck Enhancer Beauty Editor Review

July 17, 2023 0 Comments

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but my chest is the first area to show signs of too much sun. No matter how diligently I use sunscreen, I always end up with wrinkles, freckles, and itchy sunburns on a sensitive area.

Red light therapy is great for improving skin tone and texture, especially for those experiencing the effects of inflammation and sun damage; so suffice it to say I was very excited to try the Neck Enhancer.

I committed to using the device three times a week (the brand recommends a minimum of 10 minutes, three to five times a week) and I definitely started to see some beneficial results. Immediately after my first treatment, my neck and chest became brighter and more even.

For any skeptics, yes, red light therapy really does work that fast: “A brighter, more radiant complexion is achieved after just one session,” mbg esthetician Sarah Akram once said. “But several sessions will give better results than time.”

And over time, I noticed that some of the freckles on my chest started to disappear. I also have a scar on my chest from a recent dermatology procedure and even that spot has started to lighten! (Although I did combine the treatment with a scar night cream.)

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