Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches For Fine Lines Beauty Editor Review

July 18, 2023 0 Comments

A little context on wrinkles: There are actually several types of fine lines, some of the most common being compression and facial wrinkles.

The former occurs when you press your face into the pillow while you sleep (also called sleep lines or pillow lines), while the latter occurs when you make facial expressions—think laughing, smiling, frowning. The problem isn’t necessarily the movements themselves, but because you’re losing vital skin components like collagen, your skin isn’t able to recover from these movements. Over time, these mimic wrinkles begin to take hold.

This doesn’t mean you should never raise your eyebrows again. Just remember how your face rests when you’re not actively engaged, like when you’re sleeping. Yes, your face wrinkles unconsciously while you sleep, but applying a silicone patch to these areas can encourage these muscles to relax.

These patches also create a barrier between your skin and the pillow, so your delicate skin has less friction when it’s pressed into the fabric. Win-win

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