HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron, from a holistic nutritionist

June 20, 2023 0 Comments

HelloFresh offers over 100 meals each week, while BlueApron offers around 70+. The menu of both brands is constantly changing, meaning new recipes are added every week.

HelloFresh lets you mix and match from all meal plans, regardless of which one you subscribe to. Blue Apron limits you to meals on the plan you originally signed up for. However, you can change your plan at any time.

When it comes to dietary considerations, HelloFresh has a slight edge here, but neither company has as many customization options available. While both brands clearly label any foods containing the eight major allergens (wheat, milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish), neither uses a dedicated kitchen, so cross-contamination is possible.

Although not allergen friendly, HelloFresh meals can be customized to be beef, pork and seafood free. There are also a few vegetarian and vegan options (about six in total out of 40+ on the menu), but no gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free options. Some but not all ingredients are organic.

HelloFresh allows you to change, swap or add about 12 proteins and proteins each week. For example, if a dish has beef but you prefer chicken, you can make a request when selecting recipes.

Blue Apron has fewer dietary considerations. The company offers a vegetarian plan, and you can filter out beef, pork, and fish-free options, but that’s really all there is to the settings. Like HelloFresh, some ingredients are organic.

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