Green symbolism: what you need to know about the meaning of this color

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

Each color of the rainbow has its own life force and meaning, and the colors have their own symbolism and associations, similar to animal symbolism. “Color symbolism is closely related to culture and the subconscious on a collective level, but it can also be closely related to personal experiences, especially emotionally charged personal experiences,” explains LeAnn Romano Rogers, M.A., psychology expert and owner of Psychic Medium. Witch.

Colors are also common in a variety of therapy and healing practices. “There were treatments centered around color, whether it was color therapy, chakras, or even fine art through paintings,” explains the author or Rainbow diet, Dianna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP. “Colors have a ‘feel’ because of their association with symbols, events, people or even the environment,” she adds.

From green hills to verdant meadows and trees covered in leaves and foliage, nature abounds in various shades of green. As Rogers explains, “The color green is often associated with nature, plants, trees, and grasses, so its most common association is peace, quiet, calm, and relaxation—something many of us experience automatically and subconsciously when we’re outdoors. “Because of this,” she adds, “it can also be associated with optimism, hope, harmony and balance.”

Green is not only common in nature, but also the color of paper money in the United States. Rogers shares that this is why it is often used for money magic and associated with abundance.

Many cultures and traditions have their own version of the symbolic green figure that symbolizes nature. “One of the most prominent and ancient archetypal figures representing the meaning of green throughout the world is the Green Man,” says intuitive energy healing practitioner Kristen Blythe. “All of these figures have a similar face made of branches and green leaves, and they represent cross-cultural themes of rebirth, cycles of new growth and spring,” she adds.

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