Garmin Venu Watch Sale: Save $150 on Amazon Prime Day

July 11, 2023 0 Comments

Design aside, the features are what I’m really writing home about. The Garmin Venu tracks a range of activities such as walking, running, swimming, yoga and cycling. The best part? Your metrics and goals are personalized for you. If the thought of going from zero to 10,000 steps overnight sounds overwhelming to you, then you’ll love that the Garmin Venu gives you a unique daily goal based on your previous activity levels.

Throughout the day, you’ll be able to see how you’re reaching your daily goal, giving you that extra push you might need to take those last few steps. Of course, if you want to set your own goal, you can do that in the app’s settings.

During training, the watch displays elapsed time, distance, pace and heart rate, but its capabilities go far beyond these indicators. The Garmin Venu has a pulse oximeter to track your blood oxygen levels during each workout and throughout the day and night. It even has a stress tracker that can help you identify any common themes when you feel most stressed throughout the day.

Moreover, the battery is enough way longer than on the Apple Watch. I log pretty long runs during my marathon training, so I charge my Apple Watch every day. Venu, on the other hand, lasts up to five days.

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