Drew Barrymore turned her closet into a place for meditation

June 7, 2023 0 Comments

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Drew Barrymore has a meditation closet. Or, rather, a “room of revelations,” as described in a recent article in New York magazine with a child star, romance queen and talk show host showing off her revamped wardrobe.

The free-spirited actress sacrificed precious storage space in the three-bedroom pre-war Manhattan apartment she shares with her two daughters to create a place where she could exist in peace. Pink flamingo wallpaper serves as a backdrop for a “sticker mosaic” featuring “affirmations and aphorisms,” as well as candles and a vintage boombox.

Among dozens of handwritten reminders: “Listen to your body and soul”, “Treat yourself as the mother I need”, “Don’t offend yourself”. They’re mostly based on tips from Barrymore’s longtime therapists, explains writer E. Alex Jung.

This approach is based on Jungian psychology and on being aware of and confronting the negative judgments we tend to make about ourselves. The intention is to watch for patterned trends rather than habitually falling into them. Over time, we gain the ability to develop less self-condemning, more realistic, and even kind responses.

Space is not a hiding place. It’s a space where she can be with herself as she lives life. It’s a place where she can catch and change her thoughts and self-talk as she starts to spiral down the self-judgment spiral.

“There’s nothing I can do but go through it and feel my own discomfort,” Barrymore says in the disarmingly straight-talking manner she’s been known for since becoming a celebrity at the age of seven.. She is also known for her resilience, especially for taking responsibility for the hardships she endured after her celebrity childhood.

New Yorkers know that a walk-in closet is precious real estate in the city. But for Barrymore, repurposing the space seems as much a necessity as an amenity. A recent Instagram post by Barrymore, who also practices yoga, includes a meme that reads, “The true measure of success is a calm nervous system.”

Not surprisingly, the meditation closet has caught the attention of social media. While some Instagram commenters scoffed at the idea or expressed concern about candles in close proximity to the notes, many found solace in the idea of ​​a quiet place. “I want to live in her closet.” – one reader commented.

A small meditation space can make it easier to remove all distractions and come back to yourself, rather than being confined, claustrophobic, or a place to hide from life. Being in a designated place is like taking a long soak in the bath with the lights dimmed or plopping down on the couch when no one is around. It’s just more deliberate.

Interestingly, the concept of a meditation cabinet has gone largely unnoticed by most design centers, despite the growing awareness of meditation and its benefits in recent years. This term is barely mentioned on Pinterest. It even eluded the design gurus at Apartment Therapy and their closet and sanctuary makeovers.

While Domino seems to think your meditation closet needs a $75 candle to be complete, a personal meditation space can be anything you want, need, and can afford. One Instagram commenter noted: “All these words on dirty scraps of paper – this room would stress me out. I think I’d prefer blank walls and a nice little notebook.” The beauty of creating a space like Drew’s is that it’s yours. Do what you want with it.

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