Do you have hearing problems? This can be a sign of dementia later in life

June 24, 2023 0 Comments

Above all, protecting your hearing is critical. When you have trouble hearing noise (like your family members talking in a loud restaurant), your brain is forced to allocate extra cognitive resources to help you hear better. This means that noisy or distracting environments can make it even more difficult to process sound stimuli. Over time, the burden on these cognitive functions can contribute to the development of the pathology of dementia.

If you already struggle with hearing loss, talk to your doctor about hearing aids. While they don’t cure your hearing problems, they amplify the noise, which in turn ensures that your cognitive resources aren’t depleted. Avoiding loud and noisy places (like concerts) or taking extra precautions (like wearing earplugs) can also help protect your hearing.

Of course, protecting your auditory processing is just one of many ways to reduce your risk of dementia. Other methods include:

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