Compatibility of Leo and Virgo: how they live in love and friendship

June 28, 2023 0 Comments

When you think about these two zodiac signs, it might be hard to find commonalities between them, but they both have introspection and discipline, two things that make love last. However, they use these gifts in very different ways.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which covers everything related to communication, intelligence, reasoning and thought. This makes Virgos sharply intelligent, but also keenly critical.

Meanwhile, Leo is ruled by the center of our solar system, the Sun. The Sun in astrology rules physical energy, vitality and character. The Sun blesses Leo with a great aura and a vibrant personality, giving him dominant characteristics that radiate life-giving force.

On the astrological wheel, this pair sits next to each other, giving them a semi-sextile aspect. The vibration of the semi-sextile aspect may initially be met with resistance and dispersion, causing Leo and Virgo to initially feel odious or even overwhelmed by each other’s differences. However, if they find love between them, they can blossom into a couple that both supports and complements each other.

Although their aspect can lead to difficulties, their communication modalities and styles are quite complimentary. Virgo is a mutable sign, which makes them flexible, mobile and great communicators. Leo is a constant sign, which makes them organized and consistent.

In their shadow forms, the shifting energy can become indecisive, while the fixed vibrations can be stubborn. Virgo will be able to bend more than Leo, but Leo will be able to provide consistency, especially when it comes to passion. It’s quite fascinating that Virgo’s modality is mobile, but their earth element is sedentary, while Leo’s modality is still, while their fire element is never static. Together, they will find both immobility and changeability in each other, with which they both deeply resonate.

The most difficult thing in combining this pair is mixing their elements. The Virgo Earth element truly grounds their moving minds, while the Leo Fire element adds blinding to their constant flame. As I explain in my book, Sun signs in lovethe earth stays where it is unless moved by an external force, where fire creates its own course.

Fire can burn the earth, but it can never destroy it. Earth can support a fire by giving it a base to burn—remember, if the flame is covered with dirt, it can put out the brightest flame. While other Earth-Fire pairs have a harder time figuring out how to match, the commonalities found in the planetary rulers and modalities of Leo and Virgo make it easier for them to find common ground.

Before we delve deeper into the compatibility between these two people, it’s worth noting that astrological compatibility isn’t just about your sun sign, so it’s important to consider both people’s entire birth chart (also known as “synastry” or connection). astrology).

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