Cocofloss Review: Is It Worth It? + Advantages of using dental floss

June 19, 2023 0 Comments

That all sounds great, but is it worth ordering premium dental floss when it’s traditionally been considered a drugstore product? And believe me, I get it. The convenience of picking up a good at the bakery down the block often wins me over when I need to pick up a household or hygiene item.

But here’s what I will say about Cocofloss: Every time I use another brand, I notice. It feels like my teeth aren’t as clean, the experience isn’t as thorough, and I wonder how deep the floss actually got.

I often receive free beauty and personal care products to test and try (it’s part of being a beauty editor!). Some of these products are for oral care, so I almost always have a supply of brushes, floss and toothpaste. But I like Cocofloss a lot more than other brands, so I regularly buy it myself. It is simply a better product than any other product.

I also love that the brand makes light dressing. A lot of things in oral hygiene can seem wasteful because it’s an industry that doesn’t have that many sustainable solutions. (For example, disposable dental floss, whitening strips, and plastic tubes.) But Cocofloss approaches sustainability from every angle.

Each new reel of mullin is 85% recycled material made from used water bottles. And the point is not only that it is recycled material, but also that the method of processing it is more efficient. In fact, according to the brand, producing the eco-friendly thread requires 64% less energy, 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water consumption.

The toothbrushes also rely on recycled materials: the handle is made from incredibly strong plastic, 98% bonded from the ocean. Cocofloss does this by partnering with Oceanworks, a company that connects manufacturers with suppliers of environmentally friendly materials.

I just feel better when I use Cocofloss—for my health, my smile, and the planet.

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