ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Review: A must have for dog owners

May 13, 2023 0 Comments

No fabric surface is immune to ChomChomu’s wrath. My roommate and I both use the sheet, blanket and pillow unit several times a week to pick up loose fur. This makes it possible to easily refresh our space without having to wash the bed several times a week. The sofa is also regularly wiped down with ChomChom, which is the only reason why the budget seat still looks so high-end.

ChomChom is also a phenomenal addition to protect clothing from fur. We use it on our wool winter coats, dark jeans and black tops to remove random pet hair. Like bedding, it should be kept taut to prevent the brush from catching on loose fabric. However, it is much more efficient than any lint roller I’ve used before, even if it does require some unique maneuvering.

My only complaints about the device are that it is mostly plastic and quite loud. But it’s worth noting that the plastic is BPA-free, and the hand-held unit is quieter than a vacuum, even though my dog ​​ran out of the room the first time I tried to use it. (Now it sits patiently on the other side of the couch until I’m done, only to promptly cancel it.) Also, the rugged design won’t wear out even after hundreds of uses over a nearly 3-year period, so I expect it to will continue

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