Carrot juice benefits, side effects and how to enjoy it

June 29, 2023 0 Comments

“Carrot juice is a good source of some well-known vitamins (such as C, K, and B6) and a good mix of minerals,” says Billy Hammond, Ph.D., eye health expert and professor of brain and behavioral sciences at the University of Georgia. “But carrot juice’s real claim to fame is its carotenoid content. Carotenoids are antioxidant pigments in many colorful fruits and vegetables. Carrot juice is also an excellent source of beta-carotene.”

Jeff Anschel, OD, FAAO, an optometrist and founder of the Society for Eye Health and Nutrition, says, “Raw carrots are 88% water, 9% carbohydrates, 0.9% protein, 2.8% dietary fiber, 1% ash, and 0. 2% fat. . Alpha- and beta-carotenes are partially metabolized into vitamin A, providing more than 100% of the daily value per 100-gram serving of carrots.”

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