Cariuma Salvas Review: The Best Sneakers for Wide Feet

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

As someone with wide feet, I’ve always struggled to find sneakers that look as good as they feel. When I was a kid, I actually refused to wear tennis shoes; they either exaggerated the width of my foot even more or compressed my arches so much it hurt. Then I moved to New York at the age of 22, and comfortable sneakers became an integral part of the dress code.

While I’ve found some impressive brands over the years, including Thousand Fell’s stain-resistant sneakers, the Cariuma Salvas stood out for accommodating a wide foot with a nice fit. Instead of my foot hanging slightly off the sides of a rubber sole, it’s gently embraced by ethically sourced leather.

The hand-cut upper also tapers slightly, elongating my leg. It also allows me to play with the laces, ensuring that the shoe is tight where I want it, but with room for movement where I don’t. Although I have an all-white style, I think the splash of color on the black and white pair accentuates this elongating effect even more. (The trouble with wide legs!)

More importantly, the sneakers are undeniably comfortable. The memory foam sole makes every step feel like walking on clouds, and the same cushioning is used in the heel collar. This adds extra support to the ankle and prevents the appearance of painful blisters. Truth be told, I’ve never actually gotten blisters from these kicks, even when wearing them right out of the box.

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