Can probiotics help combat chronic sleep loss?

May 14, 2023 0 Comments

Based on analyzes of protein, lipid and DNA oxidation levels, as well as gut-brain axis hormones and pro-inflammatory cytokines in the brain, the researchers observed that chronic sleep restriction not only causes oxidative stress, but also promotes inflammation and altered gut-brain activity. axis hormones.

Interestingly enough, for chronically sleep-deprived mice given the probiotic formula, the researchers saw that the probiotic increased the antioxidant capacity of their brains, which helped mitigate the aforementioned oxidative stress. “It positively regulated gut-brain axis hormones and reduced peripheral and brain inflammation induced by chronic sleep restriction,” the study authors added.

Of course, this study was done on mice, and we can’t say for sure if the results can be replicated in humans. But the authors concluded that probiotic supplementation “may be a possible strategy to counteract the oxidative stress and inflammation induced by sleep loss.” And given the available research, we know that probiotics have a number of other benefits.

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