Bagail Packing Cubes is the best travel hack of 2023

June 27, 2023 0 Comments

I’m a wanderlust at heart, I usually spend more time away than on it. Still, I was in the same frustrated state the day before each trip, trying to fill my suitcase with everything I needed. But then my family gifted me a couple of packing cubes and I went full on organizational hack. It made the whole packing process so much easier and I finally felt like I wasn’t packing too much for my travels.

But even though packing cubes are a pretty well-known essential part of travel these days, they’re not all created equal. Avid travelers know that you need something quality, affordable, light and flexible to make the most of the space you want in your suitcase. These nylon packing cubes are a hit with everyone and then some.

The base of the 8-piece set is three zippered bags with a mesh front. Each packing cube is a slightly different size, so it’s easy to play Tetris to match the size of your luggage.

My favorite feature is the mesh front; it lets you see which clothes you packed (and which you didn’t). And while some may complain that the mesh ruins the compression of the cubes, I’d argue that the straps on the two larger zippered bags serve the same purpose.

The set also includes special underwear, socks and laundry bags. As someone who likes to use my travels as much physical activity as possible — whether it’s short runs, hikes, or walks — the latter is important. I can keep my dirty clothes separate from the rest of my clean gear, picking up the not-so-fresh smell of old sweat.

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