Avocado oil for hair: 6 benefits and ways to use it

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

In addition to instant hydration, avocado oil also helps prevent breakage. Here’s how: First, avocado oil moisturizes your strands and closes the cuticle1. You may have open hair cuticles due to hair dye, heat damage, UV exposure, dryness, etc.

“When your cuticles are open, not only is your hair vulnerable to breakage, but it’s going to look dry and brittle—you know, that ‘I need a haircut’ feeling at your ends,” says professional hairstylist and founder of HOURS Haircare, Marilyn Cosmillo. mbg.

Not to mention, applying avocado oil directly to your ends can help you mask the appearance of split ends while preventing breakage from worsening.

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