Aries and Cancer: can this zodiac duo build a relationship?

May 24, 2023 0 Comments

During their first meetings, Aries and Cancer see the power they both possess, intuitively understanding that they have what the other lacks. A ram’s horns and a crab’s shell are equally strong, and they value each other’s destiny because that’s what they both look for in a partner.

Although astrology usually finds this partnership difficult, due to their square aspect, there are many secrets in their synastry that make this couple more charming than they might first appear.

Aries and Cancer have different energies and vibrations that they relate to due to their different elemental natures. Aries is attuned to the feverish element of fire, while Cancer is attuned to the cold blue element of water. Cancer intuitively knows that Aries needs water to cool their heels, and Aries feels as if Cancer could use a little fire to warm their melancholy mood. If they can find a careful balance between their elements, they can make a great couple.

What they have in common is that they both express themselves in the cardinal modality, which means they both like to rule, but do so in very different ways.

Aries likes (and needs) to be at the forefront, while Cancer also likes to take the lead, but prefers to enjoy taking charge in a different and more obscure way. Aries rushes in full force, and Cancer slides from side to side like a crab on the beach. Their cardinal modality makes them natural-born leaders, which helps them understand each other, but if they’re not on the same page about something, it can cause serious rifts.

There are times when they argue about who will be the boss, so they have to compromise by walking hand in hand so that no one is ahead or behind, but rather side by side.

Aries is also ruled by Mars, the planet of war, while Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the realm of nurturing. These planets could not be more different, but they are both powerful in their own right. Aries have Mars to thank for their brash impulsiveness, while Cancers have a Moon to blame for a lot of moodiness.

As I explain in my book, Sun signs in love, “During difficult days, Aries will have to remember that Cancer is extremely sensitive and that eventually it will come out of its shell. It is the patronage of Cancer that really melts the heart of Aries. Aries has Mars, the planet of war, to thank for its own strength. Even though Aries makes a strong impression and is known for his strong will and hot temper, Cancer will still embrace Aries to make them feel truly cared for.”

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