An organic face cream that eliminates wrinkles with natural extracts

May 10, 2023 0 Comments

The formula’s primary goal is to produce collagen and elastin through natural sources of vitamin C. As a quick reminder, collagen and elastin are proteins naturally produced by the skin that are responsible for maintaining a firm, toned complexion and maintaining its ability to bounce back. However, production declines over time, which is the cause of sagging skin and fine lines.

Okay, now that we’ve covered that, we can talk about vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital part of the collagen synthesis process—we literally can’t make collagen without it. The tricky part is that our body doesn’t produce the antioxidant, so we have to get it from external sources, such as local produce. This blend contains three of nature’s most powerful sources of vitamin C: organic mango seed oil, kum kum fruit extract, and Indian gooseberry.

But the list of ingredients does not end there. It’s complemented by other skin-loving natural extracts like astaxanthin and three sources of maple extract. Astaxanthin is obtained from microalgae and has impressive antioxidant properties: its ability to fight free radicals is about five times stronger than beta-carotene. With its ability to fight free radicals, it can protect your collagen layer from damage and degradation.

Maple leaf extracts are quite notable for their role in protecting elastin. While collagen keeps the skin firm and firm, elastin helps it look firm and supple, and both are important for youthfulness. Studies have shown that compounds found in red maple leaf extract have the ability to stop the enzyme responsible for breaking down elastin, stopping damage at the source.

All these extracts are contained in a base of organic aloe, sunflower oil and cocoa seed butter, which in themselves support the skin. The end result is a USDA-certified organic formula that harnesses the power of nature to protect and care for your skin.

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