An honest review of NuFACE Trinity+: results, expert advice and frequently asked questions

April 21, 2023 0 Comments

I used to use the NuFACE on and off, but admittedly, it wasn’t a daily routine until now. However, after just two weeks of consistent use, I definitely noticed a tighter, more toned look. You see, I usually wake up with puffy eyes and a puffy jawline, both of which disappeared immediately after a couple of microcurrents. Even better, I woke up less bloated at first, I suspect as my facial muscles began to tone.

I wavered between the Cheek Pop (a four-minute treatment for the cheekbones and jawline) and the longer Pro-Toning Facial (an 11-minute treatment for the neck, cheeks and forehead) when I had a bit more time to spare. From time to time I felt my muscles “jump” under the microcurrent, but it wasn’t painful at all – more like a slight twitch of the jaw line.

Before talking to Maue, I thought these little bumps meant the treatment was working. I wasn’t wrong, but “Technically it’s a microcurrent that dissipates and rebounds,” she tells me. When this happens, it means you either need to apply more activating gel or reduce the device.

“Microcurrent, if used correctly, should be practically subsensory,” she explains. Tingling is normal, especially around the hairline, as baby hair can act as a conductor, she says, but if it starts to feel intense, your skin likely needs extra hydration. After spritzing Supercharged IonPlex Facial Mist, the sensations disappeared instantly.

In general, my before and after results may seem too dramatic to the naked eye, especially compared to the transformations on the brand’s website. But hey, I’ve only been doing this for a couple of weeks! (I’ll report back in two months—don’t worry.)

I’m also in my mid-20s and not yet struggling with aging issues, so I knew my results would be less noticeable. This is why I decided to sculpt my cheeks and jawline more than my forehead and neck, as I tend to swell up the most in those areas. However, I noticed the biggest difference in my cheeks: in the photo above, you can see that my cheekbones look much more defined. My partner also commented on how my cheeks looked bigger turned and I promise it was unprovoked.

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