An eye health supplement that optometrists and neuroscientists love

May 14, 2023 0 Comments

“The eyes are the window to our brain, and together they create our visual circuitry through a beautiful intricate network of photoreceptors, neurons, blood vessels, muscles, and more. Our eyes are also an organ that is often neglected when it comes to everyday health. practice In this world of hyper-concentration (prolonged computer use, phones close to the face, etc.), our eyes feel burnt out and visual longevity is at stake. That’s why mbg+’s eye-critical phytonutrients in eye health supplement fascinates me: all five bioactives not only contribute to eye function and health in multiple dimensions, but they’re also derived from a premium plant-based product: sustainable algae , marigold flowers, saffron flowers and Patagonian macchia berries.”*

Ilene Ruhoi, MD, Ph.D.certified neurologist and toxicologist

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