An endocrinologist reveals the key to optimal vitamin D status

June 1, 2023 0 Comments

“Vitamin D is fat-soluble and therefore better absorbed when administered in a fat-packed form,” explains Henderson. “So we usually recommend forms of vitamin D3 that are more bioavailable, meaning they’re packaged with oils or fats.”*

With 5,000 IU of organic vitamin D3 derived from algae and a trio of built-in organic oils (avocado, flaxseed, and virgin olive) to improve bioavailability, our vitamin D supplement meets the requirements and stands out from the crowd of other D options.

“Vitamin D3 potency+ from mbg provides organic vitamin D3 of plant origin, packaged in a fat-soluble shell of oils. With this innovative technology, vitamin D3 potency+ can achieve and maintain optimal D3 levels,” shares Henderson.

Indeed, premium daily D3 supplementation is an effective solution to a nationwide dilemma (in fact, it global problem 3), which cannot be resolved with sunlight and diet alone, but vitamin D supplements are not created equal. “The vitamin D3 composition is the most important variable,” says Henderson. “It has to be packaged as highly bioavailable or it just won’t work!”

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