An application that helps the Excel executive editor at work

May 14, 2023 0 Comments

I can instantly feel the difference when taking focus+. The noticeable boost from instant-release caffeine (from whole coffee beans) combined with delayed-release caffeine (from green coffee beans) creates what can only be described as a calm, clear head.*

Unlike a second cup of spilled coffee, I don’t feel jittery or have a terrible afternoon crash, and perhaps most importantly, I haven’t noticed any effect on my sleep.

I used to vacillate between hyperfocus and lethargy; but with focus+, I experience a consistent level of performance that I never thought I could achieve. It seems that the concentration bandwidth I have is now evenly distributed throughout the day, as opposed to short, erratic bursts of task completion.

When an email arrives, I can get things done by returning to my inbox only after I’ve finished what I was working on. I go through my to-do list more efficiently and thoughtfully. As a result, my days are less stressful.

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