A wellness routine Comedian Eric Andre swears by lately

April 25, 2023 0 Comments

I wouldn’t consider Eric Andre a typical beauty fan. I mean absolutely no shade at all – he even agrees! Of course, he has his own hassle-free grooming routine down to a T: his commitment to a clean shave is one of the reasons why he partnered with BIC for their EasyRinse campaign; he will also rub leave-in conditioner into his hair from time to time. “Other than that, I don’t use too many products,” the comedian, actor, TV host and writer tells me via Zoom.

Why then did I decide to highlight it for our beauty series? Well, here at mbg beauty, we believe that taking care of your skin doesn’t mean you have to spout off about the hottest ingredients or swear allegiance to retinol.

Andre prioritizes sleep vital for optimal collagen levels1. He welcomes daily hydration and getting the recommended amount of water for your body increases the dermal layer2. He focuses on being present—not only does he swear by meditation, but he literally locks his phone in a container while watching a movie—and slowing down, taking a breath, and focusing on mental health is as powerful a beauty tip as any other

Here you can find all the things you need for Andre’s health, as well as some care tips.

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