A supplement that helps me sleep during perimenopause*

May 10, 2023 0 Comments

I keep a bottle of Sleep Support+ on my coffee table so I remember to take it about two hours before bed every night. Then, before bed, I don’t feel tired or exhausted – I just feel ready to go to bed. As soon as I do, I fall asleep almost immediately.

And then the real advantage comes for me: I actually sleep through the night. Without those random midnight awakenings that leave me feeling well rested in the morning.

I work in the community and my work hours can be unpredictable at times. One day I might need to be somewhere at 6am and the next I’m expected to be at the event until 11pm. Even though I can’t always afford a regular sleep schedule, Sleep Support+ helps me maximize the time in bed I get. Now I don’t really mind if I need to get some shut eye at an hour I’m not used to. I am confident that this product will help me fall asleep and wake up refreshed the next morning.*

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