A sleep supplement that helps people wean off melatonin

April 22, 2023 0 Comments

This supplement contains a combination of magnesium (an essential mineral needed by the body to function), zizypus seed extract (a fruit used in traditional Chinese medicine) and PharmaGABA® (a natural form of the amino acid neurotransmitter created by fermentation). Each of these non-hormonal ingredients is research-backed and proven to help people fall asleep faster and sleep longer, reaching deeper stages of restorative rest.*

“I take that 30 minutes before I go to bed and 10-15 minutes later I’m out and about and I’m asleep most of the night,”* says Wayne, a Sleep Support+ client who didn’t find melatonin effective.

The best-selling supplement works more gently than melatonin, because it does not cause an overwhelming desire to go to sleep. “While it’s not a ‘knockout,’ it does help more gently,” notes another reviewer, Rev.

And while many people, like Sleep Support+ reviewer Tracy, report having bad dreams on melatonin, Sleep Support+ shouldn’t have any weird side effects. “I used to take three melatonins every night and have crazy dreams,” she says. “I’ll take two [sleep support+] every night before the bath, read for 10 minutes and fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed every morning. Finally getting eight hours of sleep every night. They work!”*

“I like the product. It seems to help me sleep better without the side effects of melatonin,” echoes Sleep Support user Michael G.*

Most importantly, in addition to being an effective sleep aid, Sleep Support+ is safe to take every night. As board-certified integrative medicine physician Heather Moday, MD, writes about the product: “Knowing that this is an exceptionally pure, high-quality product that has been tested beyond industry standards gives me the confidence to wholeheartedly recommend it not only to my clients, but also family and friends.”

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