A review of WinkBed mattresses based on a year of sleeping on it

April 26, 2023 0 Comments

My husband and I have been sleeping on the Luxury Firm WinkBed since March 2022 and overall we are very happy with it. Unpacking was easy, it expanded super quickly and it didn’t have any weird off-gassing smells (can’t say the same about our last foam mattress).

After a year of sleeping on the WinkBed, it still feels as supportive as the day we unboxed it, and there aren’t any sagging or warped areas. The brand suggests changing the mattress every two months to keep it in top shape; but to be honest we only changed ours twice.

I’m a 5’3″ combo sleeper (read: I tend to swing around a lot), so I appreciate the WinkBed’s generous edge support and decent cushioning, especially compared to other innerspring mattresses. I sleep like a log, but even a light sleeper wouldn’t mind moving on this bed. I don’t even notice when my husband gets out of bed for morning workouts.

Also worth noting: My husband is just under six feet tall and fits comfortably with me on the luxurious Queen-sized WinkBed.

In terms of what I would change, I sometimes wonder if we should have gone with the Plush model. The Luxury Firm is great for back and stomach sleepers, but as a petite girl, I occasionally wish I had a little more pillow for side sleepers.

I’d also like handles on the sides for the rare occasion that we do don’t forget to return the mattress. Mattress care is real, people!

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