A review of Fresh N’ Lean by a holistic nutritionist

June 10, 2023 0 Comments

Fresh N’ Lean is one of the few food delivery services that prioritizes organic ingredients. While the company is not certified organic, it does use organic ingredients whenever possible. All organic ingredients are marked with a star on the packaging and I would say 95% of the ingredients in the dishes I tried were organic. If an ingredient is not organic, it is sourced from local suppliers and is still non-GMO.

The meat is also of good quality. The company cooperates with suppliers of animal protein that guarantee humane treatment of livestock. All beef, elk and venison are grass-fed; antibiotic-free and free-range poultry; and the fish is grown from environmentally friendly sources.

Fresh N’ Lean also limits the types of oils used in each recipe, using only olive, coconut, avocado and walnut oils. The keto diet plan uses only avocado and walnut oils. Most dishes are gluten-free and many are dairy-free.

In addition to food quality, the company values ​​environmental friendliness. Although the meals are packed in plastic trays with polyethylene film, everything is recyclable and the plastic does not contain BPA. There was minimal packaging in the box when it was delivered. The food was packed in a cardboard box with a layer of insulating material and three ice packs. The box is recyclable, and the insulation and filling of the gel pack are biodegradable.

As far as potential food waste goes, it probably won’t be much (unless you’re a eater). The portions are smaller and I could easily finish each one. Meal delivery services are a great way to reduce food waste because you won’t be buying food that could potentially go bad in your fridge before you have a chance to use it.

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