A new study suggests that low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

July 17, 2023 0 Comments

High 41% of people are deficient in vitamin D3and chances are you can benefit from getting more of this healthy vitamin every day.

Some products can naturally contain vitamin D 4(such as fatty fish meat) or enriched with it (such as dairy products or alternative dairy products). But your choices are quite limited.

Your body is also able to naturally synthesize vitamin D from sunlight, but excessive sun exposure comes with its own health risks.

A high-quality supplement with vitamin D3 (the body’s preferred form of the vitamin) is probably the most effective way to raise insufficient levels. Research shows that you need a minimum 2000 to 3000 IU of vitamin D3 daily5 to permanently achieve a level of 25(OH)D in the blood of more than 30 ng/ml. A higher dose of 5,000 IU daily may be needed to maintain optimal vitamin D levels. (If you’re not sure where to start with vitamin D, here’s a list of our top picks.)

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