A new study shows that a diet high in sugar is linked to intestinal inflammation

June 6, 2023 0 Comments

We already know that sugar is not the best ingredient for optimal bowel function. In fact, sugar can be toxic to almost every aspect of our health, including mental health, the immune system, metabolism, blood sugar, hormonal health, and the cardiovascular system.

When it comes to gut health, we know that a diet high in sugar feeds 3gut bacteria feeding on sugar, which imbalances the microbiome in a way that increases the risk of immune problems and metabolic disorders. We also know that sugar appears to be a trigger for irritable bowel disease.

This study takes our knowledge a few steps further by explaining the mechanism behind the link between sugar and health problems. Thanks to this research, not only do we know that sugar is associated with gut inflammation, we know that sugar directly harms gut health through these specific cells (ISCs and TAs) that play an important role in repairing the gut lining.

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