A hypochlorous acid spray is a great post-workout treatment, Derm says

July 20, 2023 0 Comments

“We use it quite effectively [as] healing of postoperative wounds with burns. It’s so gentle that you can put it on a piece of paper and it won’t even sting,” he explains. This is such a versatile tool, even for owners of sensitive skin.

Using this ingredient in spray form is even more practical as you can absorb the benefits without touching your face. Even if you wash your hands after a workout, you can pick up bacteria on your hands from doorknobs, keys, water bottles, etc. Some great options include Tower28 SOS Daily Facial Rescue Spray and Hydrinity Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist.

Keep a bottle in your car or gym bag so you can apply it as soon as possible after your workout. Even if you’re not prone to acne, a hypochlorous acid mist can keep your skin clear, hydrated, and calm. Plus, it’s just great to use as a cooling spray after a hard workout.

If you can, you should still wash your face when you get home, but this trick can keep you calm between trips.

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