A hair care expert shares her top tips for growing

May 9, 2023 0 Comments

Sunny also mentions that she enjoys rinsing with rice water, a classic DIY ritual that is believed to strengthen the hair and scalp. A little background on why we think it works so well (treatment studies haven’t been done so we don’t know for sure how it works, instead we look at the properties of the water to get an idea of ​​the mechanisms).

Starch is the main ingredient in rice water. It forms a surface around the hair shaft to add strength, help trap water and minimize the appearance of wear and tear.

The water is also believed to contain some of the hair-healthy actives found in rice, including antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Antioxidants are a vital part of hair health because they neutralize free radicals, minerals and amino acids superficially strengthen strands when applied externally, and they are rich in an active ingredient called inositol, which research has shown helps repair and restore hair1.

Read more about rinsing hair with rice water here.

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