A daily ritual that helped get rid of constant bloating

June 23, 2023 0 Comments

I thought there was a pretty good chance that my fiber intake was lower given that shockingly 95% of the US population1 does not get enough fiber in his diet every day. So, to easily increase my fiber intake without eliminating any food from my life, I tried the mindbodygreen organic fiber potency+ supplement and Oho it made a difference.*

After adding fiber to my morning smoothie every day for two weeks, my bloating decreased significantly—both in severity and frequency.* It even stopped after I ate foods that used to make my bloating worse, like beans , onion and garlic. . The fiber kept my stomach happy.*

What’s more, I’ve felt fuller for longer after introducing this tasteless powder into my routine (seriously, I can’t taste it in my smoothie). This makes sense given the fiber increases the feeling of satiety2but I supposed that I would not receive this advantage, as my hunger persistent, to say the least.*

This has helped me eat healthy foods the way I prefer: without overanalyzing which fruits and vegetables are better than others.

Bottom line, adding a scoop of mindbodygreen potency+ organic fiber to my smoothie every day has significantly reduced my daily bloating and kept me fuller for longer—two goals I never thought could be achieved with one simple solution.*

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