A beauty treatment recently used by Sarah Palmyra

June 20, 2023 0 Comments

Sarah Palmyra started out as a “food junkie” in her group of friends. You know, that friend who seems to have tried every beauty product? The friend you can always count on for the best recommendations from hair to skin to makeup and more?

That love of beauty inspired Palmyra to get a job at Sephora as well as a master’s degree in opera singing — talk about range, no? However, once the pandemic began, her commitment to the beauty industry came under the spotlight.

During this time, Palmyra decided to hop on TikTok for fun (as many of us did) and even shared some industry secrets from her time at Sephora — even starting the trending video, “As a former Sephora beauty advisor, here’s what you need to know.” “.

These videos quickly went viral. Let’s return to today. Palmyra has built a community of over 900,000 followers (and many millions of likes) on TikTok, where she continues to support it with real beauty tips.

Her page is filled with everything you could want from a “Beauty” as Palmyra describes: first-hand product testing, high-profile and expensive skin care tips, visor tricks, hair growth tips, and more.

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to chat with this beauty guru and learn all about her current obsessions and beauty secrets. Without further ado, this is what Sarah Palmyra has been loving lately.

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