9 simple ways to restore energy and optimism

April 12, 2023 0 Comments

In my new book The heart of empathyI remind sensitive people that the ability to easily sense the energy and emotions of others is not just a call to self-protection. It’s also a reminder to open up and consciously experience with others when it’s helpful or nourishing for you, and you don’t have to identify as sensitive to do so.

Just turn on music with a lot of heart energy (i.e. nurturing songs), watch a documentary about a person who had a big heart and followed their dreams to beat the odds, listen to a heart energy podcast like lovekindness, or to read a book with a hero who finds a deeper meaning in his life by compassionately fighting the good fight for others. Discover stories, news, and art that touch your heart, then open yourself up to let that energy into your own system.

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