9 Best Yoga YouTube Channels for Any Practice

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

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It’s a familiar scene: You’re in the mood to practice yoga at home under the guidance of an experienced teacher. So you go to YouTube and type in “yoga.” All of a sudden, the time you spend on a calming (or energizing) practice is spent sorting through YouTube accounts. With thousands of search results, how do you find the right thread? Or even the right teacher?

Let’s cut the guesswork out of it. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the 9 best yoga YouTube channels. Whether you’re looking for a restorative 10-minute, 15-minute yoga workout, or an energizing 60-minute sequence, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect practice with these YouTube yogis.

Our 11 favorite yoga YouTube channels

Yoga with Adrienne

Adrienne Mishler, one of the most popular yoga teachers on YouTube, has over 10 million (yes, 10 million) subscribers on her Yoga With Adriene channel. When you take a class with Mishler, you feel like you’re in a friend’s class. Instead of hyper-produced videos of perfection, Mishler allows the failures of her life to appear in her videos — whether it’s her dog staring into the frame or a loud noise outside. Mishler offers a variety of classes, from a quick 5-minute morning flow to a 50-minute self-love practice. If you’re looking for a sense of routine or accountability in your practice, Mishler also hosts 30-day challenges on her channel.

Bright and salty yoga (Arianna Elizabeth)

Do you consider yourself a beginner or intermediate yogi? Check out Bright & Salted Yoga, a channel run by yoga teacher Arianna Elizabeth. She releases videos every Monday and Wednesday, so a new stream is always available — for free. From 10-minute meditations to 20-minute sculpting yoga classes, there’s something for everyone. She even offers classes without music for those who like to tune in without turning it on.

Breathe and flow

Practice with two yoga teachers on the same YouTube channel. Bre and Flo Needhammer share yoga retreats, meditation practices, mobility exercises, and personal vlogs on their Breathe and Flow channel. With 375,000 followers, these two teachers are experts in creating engaging yoga content. On their channel, you’ll find 30-minute advanced yoga sessions, 15-minute morning stretches for athletes, back-curve-focused vinyasa flows, and more.

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Edin loves life

On Edyn Bryant’s YouTube channel, Edyn Loves Life, she combines yoga excerpts with personal vlogs to give you a glimpse into her life as a yoga teacher. Looking for practices specifically designed for larger-bodied yogis? Bryant will help you. She offers a range of sequences designed for plus-size yogis, from a 20-minute quick section to an 18-minute sequence. In addition to her classes, she reviews plus size yoga clothing, talks about her meals, and discusses her journey to becoming a yoga teacher on her channel. You will fall in love with her work – and you will love her life.


Do you mean a very specific practice? It’s most likely on SarahBethYoga’s channel. If you are new to yoga or looking for more workout oriented practices, this channel is a great option for you. Sara Beth offers a variety of sequences, from a 10-minute workout for better posture to a 30-minute power yoga class. If you’re tired of practicing the same sequence over and over again, this channel is for you. With hundreds of videos to choose from, you’ll find a new practice for every day of the week.

Travis Elliott

If you want to experience the atmosphere of a personal lesson without leaving your home, practice with Travis Elliott. Whether the sequence is vinyasa, slow flow, or yin, Eliot’s style is slow and rich with a distinctly meditative atmosphere thanks to his quiet voice and well-timed truth bombs from Buddhism. Eliot teaches a variety of formats, including 20-minute Yin, 90-minute Power Yoga, and sequences of just about everything in between. Many of them are in real classroom conditions. You literally feel like you just went through a full studio session, or you can just sneak in a quick fix. It also offers shorter meditations for days when you need help returning to your inner peace.

Want to try one of Eliot’s sequences? Check out this Yin Flow he designed for Yoga Journal.

Yoga by Biola

On her YouTube channel, Yoga by Biola, Abiola Akanni posts a variety of yoga videos with a special focus on non-performative yoga. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable during an intense inversion class and want to create a yoga space that feels accessible to you, consider Akanni’s practices, from quick 15-minute flows (perfect for your lunch break) to targeted sessions chakra , you will find the perfect class for your needs. Plus, when you finally rest in Savasana, you’ll feel stronger, calmer, and generally better.

Yoga with a bird

Want to feel calm in minutes? Go to Francine Cipollone’s YouTube channel Yoga with the Bird for calming, stress-free exercises that will make you feel more at ease. In addition to vinyasa flows, she posts videos that talk about minute-long calming breathing exercises and guided affirmations. If you’re feeling angry, stressed, or just want to relax, head over to this yoga YouTube channel to calm yourself down a bit.

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Yoga by Lisette Pompa

It doesn’t take long to realize that Lizette Pompa’s videos are not for the faint of heart. You can practice her 45-minute full-body yoga routine that will have your muscles quivering, or follow her step-by-step instructions in short tutorials for challenging poses like wheel and crow pose. They are designed to strengthen you. If you’re a beginner, fear not: she offers a series designed for beginners who want to develop strength, mobility and good anatomical alignment. Born in Mexico, she lives in Sweden and offers Spanish lessons. She is certified in Yoga Medicine, the Jason Crandell Yoga Method, and the Yoga Bypass Method.

Yogini Melbourne (Paula Leigh)

Paula Ley’s approach to teaching is easy and friendly. (Perhaps it has something to do with her gentle Aussie vibe.) But she’s diligent, whether she’s teaching a prenatal class, chair sequence, or yoga nidra. She’ll hold you in a pose until you can sink into her, but she invites you to practice in a way that’s comfortable for your body. Check out her channel for sequences of different lengths and for different conditions – to recover from a cold, get ready for bed, relieve a tension headache, or relax tight hips and hamstrings.

Additional reporting by Tamara Y. Jeffries and Renee Marie Schettler. First published on November 12, 2021.

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